After working in dialysis for nearly 24 years I found myself unemployed for the first time ever in my life in April 2015. During my seeking employment journey I discovered just how challenging the job market was at that time. I decided I needed to find a skill that would allow me to make myself marketable and that would never allow be to be in this situation again. So I did some research and found Chronicles Billing and registered for the course. Take the course! If you put the work you will be successful!
Sweat + Sacrifice = RESULTS!

– Cleo Wynnette Strain

I am recommending this class to anyone who is in medical billing, practice management, etc. because even after 20 years in medical billing and management, I have learned so much in this course.  I feel that this class gave us an edge because the curriculum was so comprehensive.  The curriculum combined with Genieve’s ability to explain it all in a manner that made if fun and interesting was key in me being able to master it and pass the exam.  Genieve truly made it fun! I looked forward to going to class every week.  She has a gift for teaching something that could be absolutely boring!  Genieve, you rock!!!

– Rhonda Mauney, CPC (love it!)

Calling Chronicles Billing School was the best decision I have ever made for my career. My classes started in March 2018. In those 16 weeks, I learned so much and was slowly gaining confidence in myself.  I have never put so much time and dedication into something like this. Genieve is an awesome teacher, great with communication, and makes learning so interesting.

My CPC exam was on July 7, 2018 and as soon as I got my results “PASSED” I started sending out my resumes.  I was offered a remote coding job 4 weeks later!!!!!  The whole process from beginning the classes to passing the exam has changed me in several ways and the #1 change is it has given me a huge amount of CONFIDENCE. I am so thankful for the information I received about Chronicles Billing Inc.  It is a life changer and I recommend anyone that has ever thought about getting certified to start with Chronicles Billing Inc.  It is definitely the place to go.

– Kimberly Sowell, CPC